• sarahdraht

Tribute To Brown Belt

This is my tribute to brown belt. Definitely my biggest belt in terms of growing, learning, and overcoming challenges. It is crazy to see how different I am now than 5 years ago, hard to be honest in this video, because it's vulnerable. But at the end of the day that is what makes it real for me and that is what matters.

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I think that many people in this world never find what they are passionate about

if you find something you are passionate about,

something that is worth doing ,

I think it is worth over doing .

To find out everything there is to find out about it, and once that is completed to find the better way.

There is always a better way to do something.

A better way to breathe,

a better way to move,

a smoother transition,

A finer detail

a deeper understanding,

There is always a better way.

It is up to me to find it.

Once it is found, it is my job to not become paralyzed in the pursuit of perfection, but understanding that if I aim for perfection I will catch excellence.

In the process of discovering this, I needed to find my reason, my ‘why’

Why I am doing what I am doing. I found that my why will carry me through the hard days and the bad days, the darkest days and the tough days.

My why is the reason I keep showing up, even when I don’t want to. My why is the reason that keeps pulling me back.

When I turned around and looked at my journey and saw how far I’ve come. How much I’ve learned, how much I’ve experienced, and how much I’ve accomplished.

This is when I needed to find my ‘who’

Because as much as work and life and goals can disguise themselves as being the most important, the real value is in the who.

Who I share the journey with, who is with me in the breakdowns and breakthroughs, who comes and goes with a purpose, and who stays until the end, and who’s watching along the way.

I have to find out who I was going to influence in my journey, who I would encourage, whose life I would change for the better.

I found while I was doing this I needed to find a way to practice the art of being present in every single moment. Because in this life that is so overdone I’m constantly living in misplaced focus.

It is my responsibility to breathe live into every moment that is right in front of me so I can experience absolutely everything it has to offer.

To give every moment all I have.

Because if I am missing this, I am missing out.

I need to make every single day a masterpiece beside I only get one shot at this life.

I think, if we’re lucky enough to find something worth doing,

It is worth overdoing.