• sarahdraht

The Only Way Out Is Through

The above video is one of my training sessions today! Go in, stay in. 6 minutes on (with fresh partners for each of the three minutes), and 3 minutes off. It was Amreek, Chris, and I - We did this for approximately an hour.

I wish I could say that training for world championships Is glorious, and exciting, and motivating and every day is the best day ever. When in fact it is really the opposite.

I wish I could say when that hand I raised how amazing and exhilarating the journey was - when in fact, my hard and humbling rounds would beg to differ.

I have been struggling in getting out of some bad positions lately. When I trained in Vernon tonight Superdave of course gave me some tools to work with, but the biggest concepts we talked about weren’t even the jiu-jitsu tools.

It was getting comfortable being in those bad positions. Someone on top of me, on my back, on side control. Yes, we all know we need to get comfortable, but how comfortable are we there surviving? How comfortable are we getting tapped multiple times as we work on our defence, how comfortable are we allowing lower belts and less skilled people get dominant positions on us.

Not in the least bit, I don’t like it - but my pride hates it even more.

But the thing is, even if my lower belt had a very successful round against me. This is the work I need to do to win world championships. I can’t care what everyone is saying as they mounted me this week, I can’t care how many times I tap, I can’t care how many times I don’t escape. I can’t care what people say or think.

Because today, they are training.

Today, I am working on a piece of a puzzle for the big picture.

But the thing is - it isn’t even about the world tournaments. If it were just about the victory it wouldn’t be enough.

It is about the success in the grind.

There is no glory in training for world championships

It’s about the hard and humbling rounds

It’s about being challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally

It’s about tired yoga

It’s about the strict diet

It’s about hitting my max heart rate in kettlebells

I’ll never like being uncomfortable, but the more I am uncomfortable - the more I get used to it. It never stops ‘biting’, it never stops hurting, it never stops challenging me, I just get used to it. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable. And this is where we grow.

Right now - it’s about overcoming myself, working through my pride and improving my self-discipline, It’s about making myself the best version of myself that I can be.

Because the time is going to pass anyways, I might as well spend it well.

Simple. But not easy (as Jason my personal trainer says).

It is my job to as much work in the smartest way possible now, so when I step on those mats to compete I know I have done everything possible.

The only way out is through. Dig the heels in, make the fists, bow and head and drive through day in and day out. Because that is where success happens.

Little by little, day by day, decision by decision, training session by training session, meal by meal. For me, I hardly ever do everything as perfectly as planned. But what I also do is ‘course correct’ and work on getting back to where I need to be and what I need to do as fast as possible.

There is no glory in training for world championships. In fact it is quite the opposite.

But it’s the grind that the crazy in all of us loves, the drive to figure out the struggles and overcome the battles, and the sweet victory that waits for us on the other side. Whatever that victory looks like for you on that day.

The only way out is through, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because isn't this what it is all about?