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Men Are Strong, Women Have Strength

I have a pretty amazing opportunity to write up blog posts for Yoga For BJJ (see the blog attached below). Sebastian is giving away a free year to the ladies in Jiu-Jitsu who write up a blog, and if the article is used on the website ( - YFBJJ will give them a year free subscription. His goal is to understand, strengthen, connect and empower women in Jiu-Jitsu. What a great way to make a difference.

Which made me realize through this writing how important it is to continually dig deeper, be genuine, honest, and real.

I am a very private person by nature, so this was interesting to bring me back to my roots and focus on my first objective of starting the blog. To give those an understanding and idea of what it is like inside the mind of a brown belt competitive female. I struggle with this because my training has just become routine, it is what I do every day.

Is it what I WANT to do every day? No. Some days it is much harder to get onto the mats than others, and some days the victories come more easily than others. But I continually remind myself it is about each day, each training session that builds for the big picture. The fitness, the health, the Jiu-Jitsu skill is all so valued because it takes so much investment, patience and energy to build. It doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't come quickly.

Everything in our culture happens quickly, the work on the mats is a daily progress. It's about being a little bit better every single Jiu-Jitsu session, every single yoga session, every single kettlebell session, every single meal, every single day. The challenge comes in the patience where we don't see these successes right away.

They happen over time.

That is the beauty of it, the reward is in the journey just as much as it is in the end game.

What is learnt, what is gained, and what is left behind (old habits).

I have been thinking of all my habits in life lately as sitting on a shelf. There is only room (time) for so many things each day.

What am I doing that is helping me (or not helping me) reach my goals. What is on that shelf (or not on that shelf) that is helping me reach my goals.

If I am watching Netlfix or on social media in the evening that is not helping me reach my goals. I use the excuse it's 'relaxing time'. No. Time to pull out the Yoga App and do my yoga instead (use my code BJJSARAH for your discount). I took netflix off the shelf and put yoga onto it.

I only have so much room in my stomach for one meal. I took a burger off the shelf and put a salad and chicken on it.

I want to have some drinks tonight. But I know it will affect my training tomorrow. I took drinking off the shelf and put training onto it.

I need to go for a run to lose weight. I took hitting the snooze button off the shelf and put a run onto the shelf.

The power is in our very own decisions backed by what we want most as opposed to what we want now. Do I have the above mastered? Not even close. Am I working towards it every day? Absolutely. I just keep thinking every single day what I want on that shelf, and there is only so much room, time, and energy in a day.

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