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3 Concepts Behind the 90 Days

3 concepts that helped me through my 90 day training camp.

Gold Medal Match at Pan Ams 2018 - Brown Belt - Medium Heavy Weight Division

I wish I could say the last couple weeks of the training are the most glorious before a tournament. But in all honestly they are the absolute hardest.

It has been very common for me in the past to become injured in the last couple weeks before a tournament because I always push too much, learn that last little bit, get that extra little strength or cardio, lose those few extra pounds. When in reality, at this point nothing physical is going to define the win or loss, it is how well I executed the combination of work, rest and recovery over the last 90 days.

90 days is has been my longest training camp yet (this consists of Jiu-Jiu-Jitsu 5 days a week, goal is to the hit the mats twice a day, along with kettle bells, carefully crafted nutrition to allow my body to maintain the workload, and of course yoga *big thanks to my sponsor ‘Yoga for BJJ’ who has the perfect type of yoga for the length of time I need at any point in the day).

Three concepts have really helped me in this last camp:

The first?

Sometimes just starting the process is what I need to complete it. However, if I think of the whole process before I start it, it becomes daunting - especially when I am tired.

An example is Mondays. I teach, train for 2.5 hours (wrestle with Steph, then kettlebells), then I work and teach. To hit the mats the second time at 7:00 pm is hard for me to do sometimes. If I think about the whole hour of wrestling when I am tired it is daunting. If I just put my gi and tell myself I am going to start with one wrestle, then one leads to the next, the blood gets flowing and I end up having an amazing training session.

Just start the process, then let it take care of itself.

Food prep is another one, Sundays I would much rather have a big meal and sit and relax. But I I need food for the busy week. I know if I put the chicken and sweet potatoes in the oven, the rest of the process will take care of itself.

The chore of food prep is daunting.

To throw the food in the oven isn’t that bad. Take it out, let it cool, package it up. Done.

Even reading, I have books that need to be read so I can continue learning and staying sharp in competition. Reading a whole book is a big commitment (for me with with the small amount of time I have available). If I tell myself I need to read the book it’ll never happen, however if I tell myself to read a page or two every evening before bed I find myself working through the books.

My blog posts? Most times I haver a hard time organizing my thoughts and what is going on. Sometimes it’s daunting to organize and put together a whole post. So I process what is going on this week, today, this hour. I tell myself I am going to make a coffee, sit down, and just write. Doesn’t matter if it’s one sentence or one paragraph. Just write.

So many times the whole process overwhelming. I know if I just start the process, the rest will take care of itself .

Just put my gi on.

Just put the food in the oven.

Just read two pages.

Just write.

Just start.

The second concept that has really helped me is creating an environment that sets me up for success.

The night before I go to work I make sure to pack enough food for the whole entire day, two gi’s and shower stuff. This gives me no excuse to miss the 7:00pm training. Because I know if I go home I probably won’t leave my house, if I am hungry or need a gi then I need to go home. If I have everything I need, then I stay at the gym.

Food prep - making sure on Friday on my way home from work or after Saturday open mat I buy the groceries I need for the week. So I can do my food prep on Saturday or Sunday. I have everything I need.

Reading? Putting my book on the pillow so before I go to bed I will read a few pages instead of scrolling social media.

Yoga? I have a yoga mat in middle of my living room, making it easy to start any yoga video and follow it through.

The environment around me includes where I live and who I allow to be close to me in my life. I am careful to surround myself with people who challenge me to be better and who support me toward my goals. I really believe it is true that whoever we surround ourselves with have an effect on us. Their habits, their energy, their goals.

When people ask me how I do what I do. My answer is simple. It’s not magic.

1) Start the process

2) Create an environment that sets me up for success

3) Don’t buy into my excuses

All of these are hard in different ways.

When people tell me they are ‘too tired’, ‘too busy’, ‘too unorganized’, etc. I think there are one of two things going on:

They aren’t ready to change (for big changes to occur, the pain of staying the same has to be worse than the pain of changing. This is a fascinating concept to me I will write another blog post on) OR- They just don’t want it badly enough.

When I’m face with a hard decision of what I want now as opposed to what I want most, I ask myself ‘how bad do I really want it?’.

The answer every single time? Badly enough that I’ll do what I need to do.

I know I don’t have to enjoy the process, but I am addicted to the results.

The harder I work for it - the sweeter the victory.

It’s the beauty of it.

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