• sarahdraht

Chasing Uncertainty.

These last few weeks of my training camp to get ready for Pan-Ams, I just kept having the thought coming to my mind 'you really think you can hang with these black belts? ' But then, I had to dissect the thought further.

It's the concept that I find very very interesting.

The fact that were always looking for certainly in our lives. I know I am. To not compete (for example) creates a certainty, a security. Because I won't have to venture into the unknown. Winning or losing, putting myself out there on the competition mats, the preparation and everything in between.

But, it is the unknown where everything happens. Whether its learning, evolving, and even winning or losing.

I firmly believe that we are created to constantly be learning, we are very curious creatures by nature and that is not by accident. To venture into the unknown and into that certainty is probably one of the healthiest things I can do, even if it is not always comfortable.

So. When I have the thought in my mind 'you really think you can hang with these black belts?' (Everyone has that devil inside them - admit it). My next thought is, on some level I am trying to get away from the uncertainty. The unknown.

I find there are many different areas of my life that I almost unconsciously avoid uncertainty and have to make the decisions to challenge myself. Even this week I am very excited but nervous to be heading to Tulum for my second Yoga for BJJ Teachers Training. It would be a lot easier and a lot more comfortable to not go, but I know the challenge will be worth it. I have been looking for these parallels in different areas in my life and challenging them.

But the truth is, nothing in. this life is ever certain, nothing is ever 100%, nothing is ever set in stone. So why would I chase something (certainty) that I will never, ever achieve. Instead, why not dive into it and find out what I'm capable of.

Besides, it is in that unknown world as we venture into it's uncertainty that the real work happens, the real miracles happen, the real living happens.

Why would I deprive myself of that?

I don't do it because it's easy, I do it because I love the challenge.

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