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A Cancer That Holds Us Back From Success

This is a great shot from #ibjjf. In the Open Weight Finals (2016), this is the last minute of my last match. You can see my hands setting up the choke that won me gold. What an incredible purple belt division with very talented women.

My worlds training camp was rudely interrupted by a cold two weeks ago, then this week moved the gym and are focusing on finishing the renovations with the best quality work in the most timely fashion possible.

At first I was irritated I lost two weeks of training especially when I am only now 3 weeks away from Masters Worlds. But the positive side is, Jorden and I were able to have a massive heart to heart (which was really needed especially with the stress of moving the gym and renovations). And I have also had a lot of time to think (as I paint, stain, clean, organize, and whatever else is on the agenda for that hour!)

He gave me some insight that I didn’t realize.

What did we talk about?

We talked about what went well for me at Masters Worlds last year (2018) when I won, in comparison to the other tournaments where I did well, but did not receive the results I wanted out of it (gold, of course).

The difference between 2018 Masters Worlds and 2019 Adults Worlds?

There were no excuses at Masters Worlds.

What did these excuses look like at the other tournaments?

I cut weight, had less energy than normal.

She was an elite and high level brown belt

My division got called hour and a half early

The girls were stronger than me

I was exhausted after my division and had the adrenaline dump before the open

The list is endless. It goes on and on.

Masters worlds?

There were no excuses. I got in there, and did what needed to be done. In hindsight, everything did not go perfectly, it was an incredibly hard weight cut for me (to balance the low weight, energy required to make it through the training camp, and injury prevention, etc). 5 matches in I couldn’t use my left hand anymore, the list goes on.

I didn’t focus on the excuses and therefore even more importantly I did not accept them.

I did what I had to do. Done. Next.

The next part of my conversation with Jord was about how incredibly important the mental aspect of Jiu-Jitsu is.

There are three things needed to win at high level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament:

1) Phenomenal Jiu-Jiu technique

2) Physical (fitness, endurance, flexibility, etc)

3) Mental mindset

If all three of these are in alignment they will be a force that cannot be stopped.

I have the first two pretty dialled in, and am working relentless on the third (hence the honest conversation with Jorden).

This brought me to think about how many times I make excuses in the other areas of my life, that voice that sneaks in that tells me it’s okay to snooze for another 20 minutes, that I can do my yoga later, that this one cheat meal won’t make a difference.

That quiet, soft, voice that says exactly what I want to hear is the voice that is holding me back from excellence, from my goals.

Is it hard to NOT listen to it? Hard as all heck, because all I want to do at that point in time is listen to it, that is why it is there. Remember this. When there is no temptation, no decision to be made there is no voice. When there is a decision of what I want now more than what I want most - there is a voice.

Is this one decision in my power to make? Absolutely. I have no one to blame but myself if I fall short of my goals. And let’s be honest, at the end of the day no one cares about me or my goals like I do, which isn’t right or wrong, it just is. And it’s honestly fair, as they have their own lives to worry about.

Will this one thing I am making a decision about affect my goals? 100%. I have a new appreciation for this concept as we are working through the renovations. Seeing the Academy slowly build up over the months. An example are the bathroom stalls, they are custom made to be perfectly exactly what we want. A person walks in and sees these nice bathroom stalls.

What do I see? Every single small decision that had to be chosen, every attention to small detail that was made to create these gorgeous stalls. From buying the wood, to cutting it, to fitting it, to putting it up, to staining it, to clear coating it, to the finishing edges. It is a massive process. But every single decision had to be made to create such a masterpiece. Why do we feel creating a masterpiece within ourselves is any different? It’s not. It’s created

in every small decision.

I honestly believe that excuses are a cancer that holds us back from success. Subtle, but deadly. Just like cancer.

Excuses are for people who are soft, and who would rather run from what they need to do than to bury they heels, tuck their chin and get in there head on. I know who I would rather be.

Yes I lost two weeks of training for worlds. Was it good for me?

If we reference what we talked about, does it matter?

No excuses, time to dominant. My mind is right and that’s what matters. These last three weeks of training camp are gonna be the best three weeks of my BJJ career.

No mats to train on? Time to go for a run and do my yoga tomorrow morning.

Get in early to do renovations so I can head to West Kelowna tomorrow night.

Is it hard when I’m exhausted from working 18 hour days all week? Yes.

But my goals are telling me to figure my shit out and find a way to train, even if it isn’t ideal or perfect.

Because. The truth it. It is never ideal or perfect. That’s why I can’t listen to my excuses.

Time to saddle up 😂 🤠

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