• sarahdraht

Better Transitions

I always do my class curriculum for the week, and have a general schedule and set up of what the week will look like. But this Sunday I decided to set goals as well, not just work goals but personal goals. I always hear all this jibber jabber (yes I just said that) of importance of writing down goals. So I did. I hate admitting it but these many motivational professionals were right. Writing down the goals, pen to paper, and putting it onto work desk so I review it before the day starts and recap it when the day ends has been massive for me.

One of my personal ones was to have 'better transitions'. What does this even mean. Time is very valuable, we all know this. But I need to figure out how to fit more into a short amount of time, looking at my day I concluded the first step would be to have better transitions.

Social Media

The honest death of me (probably many of us), is the addictive habit of social media. A little scroll here or a little scroll there, but all of a sudden that's 5 minutes gone. 'I'm just going to relax for five minutes'. I realized after reading an article written by BBC on how this can be mental cocaine (click here to read the article). Quick high, but is expensive in time currency. Being aware of this made a big difference for me.


My next struggle was in not being present in what I am doing (always thinking of what I need to do next) which creates a anxiety and dawdling because I wasn't focused on the task but moved between multiple tasks, then I don't even enjoy what I am doing nor am I very focused on it. Structuring my day into blocks really helped because I complete as much I can in that time block, if it does not get finished I will set another time block for tomorrow or whenever to keep working. Time blocks for work, relationships, but also my relationship with myself. Reading, yoga, etc. Even if it's 10 minutes of each a day. This helped enjoy the process of whatever I am doing a lot more. Also, making sure I structure time blocks for myself just as much as work and other people.


Next transition. Every time I am in my car I turn on some type of learning, podcast, motivation, something. Even if it's a 10 minute drive. When I headed to Vernon to train tonight I was pretty tired but made a coffee, and David Goggins always has phenomenal stuff. Tonight was no exception. Listening to his interview really sparked a lot for me, I listened to it to Vernon and again on the way home. Very real and honest.

Just when I think I am doing okay Goggins raises that bar. If listening to the below interview is all you get out of my blog today - Mission Accomplished.

I had the goal of better transitions just for today, not realizing how powerful it would be. As didn't do it perfectly today, I am realizing this is going to be more of a practice that will turn into habit than a goal.